Calling All Liars (EP - 2013)

by Double Lined Minority

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Produced by Eddie Salazar
Recorded by Eddie Salazar/Alex Ward/Guy Cooper
Mixed by Brad Davies
Mastered by Paul Blakey


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Double Lined Minority

Double Lined Minority is a Pop Punk band from the Gold Coast, Australia.

"There is nothing like a gang of talented youngsters to inspire hope for the survival of the universe." - Scene Magazine

"Double Lined Minority are on the rise" - Play Magazine

"Gold Coast rockers Double Lined Minority are quickly becoming one of the most sought after young bands in Queensland" - S-press
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Track Name: Stop Me
Hey you, wanna stop me?
Yeah you, I'm in a hurry
I will be okay
you won't say the same
Nothing stays in place
Stop me, stop me

If it don't look good you better fake it
Hand grenade on your face you better shake it
Take a hint, reinvent until you break it
Set in stone, let em' know, hey listen F*CK THAT

Later hater, wish I could stick around some time
Jeopardize I don't see why, not get busy on my side

Hey you, lookin' worried
Yeah you, there is need to be
Since you've hit the top
Living where we dropped
Sinking rock bottom
F*ckin' stop me, stop me

Later hater, wish I could thank you for your time
Jeopardize I don't see why, not get busy on my side
Track Name: Loved
Down on my knees I lost my mind
I don't know why
I need a sign
I'm incomplete somewhere inside
Can't help but lie
And waste the time
Answer kindly
Anchors guide me home
Right beside me, wondering so

I can't stop thinking 'bout the things I've done
Settle down before the outcome

I just wanna be loved

Drifted away for days and miles
Contained my style
To satisfy
Staying awaking could take all night
But I'm alright
With famous eyes
Try and find me
I'll be high and low
Right behind me, following so

Attacking me
Losing reality
Grip on my sanity
Longer than I'm suppose to be

Celebrate my hate
Happiness on my face
Misleading choices but of course this is for value sake
Track Name: Smoke And Mirrors
I've been dreaming and non believing
Everything you said
Can and will be held
Used against myself
You were my defense

Oh sold and worn down logic
Even our minds grow plastic

How to get out of here
Breathing in smoke and mirrors
Nothing ever looked so clear
We gotta get outta here

Let me suffer more
Open wide them doors
Set aside the score
I'm a waste of space
least I can embrace
Honesty and shame

Oh so close imperfect
Finish before expected

Out of their keyhole vision
Learning new superstition
Waiting on indecision
We gotta get out of here?

I'm sick of the rain
It's fading the paint and rust has the nerve to show up
Accept me in vain
They'll dig up my name and clothes and forget my soul

Save me, come and erase me soon
Save me, erase me
Track Name: I Hate This Song And So Should You
She talks to me in tongues
What a turn on and I've been so putt off for months
She likes to keep things fresh
Gets me up in bed in a second when she's DTF

I know the ropes and all the knots
You can say that I'm all tied up
To set me free wouldn't be an option

Too bad I'm a gentleman, talk shit the best I can
To tell you, who needs you cause I don't need you
Play dead, get a funeral, who cares if we get old
Attention, attention-calling all liars

She follows me back home
I'm the guide to her lips when she sings out of tempo
She leaves her bag and I beg
Cause dammit that's when she'll be back again

I know these coal black city streets
Just like the dirt under my feet
The weekend tides come and desert me

Memory lane, in the form of lipstick stains
Wash them, fade away

You can find me out of time
Watch me put myself on permanent rewind

Caught me off guard as she cut herself lose
Tick tack toe on her wrists like tattoos
Blame it on me like her half brain jury
No hard feelings-just try and hurt me

F*ck you I'm a gentleman, talk shit the best I can
To tell you, who needs you. I don't need you
Play dead, get a funeral, who cares if we get old
Attention, attention-calling all liars

Too bad I'm a gentleman (Calling all liars)
Track Name: Facebook Likes Don't Make You Famous
This is my response and to whoever it will reach
I'll attempt to keep you interested just kick back to the beat

Found the will to get back up get on my feet again
Need a way for my escape out of this coffin I'm in
I know, I can see you want more

I can't ever believe you
How did you get that far from home
Baby when that stupid clock stops ticking
That means your fifteen minutes up
Then we'll see who comes first,
Dead second or the last pushed down to Earth
I'm calling you out, get outta my town

Listen to the melody, your speakers will remember me
Written for a listen and guess what you think is happening

I can burn these bridges, while you walk em' standing tall
I would rather build them back and count the seconds as you fall
Step back, I work these bones until they crack
Cause I know that

A toast to all the kids
Who sang along with this
A failed attempt in ever finding bliss in ignorance
Admit and call the shots
An ending paradox
A test against the followers
Success is where it stops

I can't ever believe you
No I can't ever believe you